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What can I say about tart cherry juice, except it’s delicious, a little expensive, but worth it because the benefits are substantial. In the article “5 natural pain relievers”, Tart cherry juice was at the top of the list. It provides the body with an anti-inflammatory response to help reduce muscle and joint pain and eliminate headaches. All these benefits are natural and won’t destroy your liver. In this blog, I will take a deeper look at tart cherry juice and why you should try it to help relieve pain.

What is a Tart cherry?

Tart Cherry, also known as sour cherry or dwarf cherry, is species of Prunus native to Europe and southwest Asia. The sweet cherry is closely related to the tart cherry, but the tart cherry is more acidic. The sour pulp of tart cherry is edible. 

Birds love tart cherries. A lot of crop loss is due to birds, not pests and disease. Which makes the tart cherry less susceptible to nature than sweet cherries. 

In the summer, the fruit is protected by nets and is cut rather than pulled from the roots. They prefer well-drained and moist soil. The soil must be rich in nitrogen. If the trees become water logged or have poor drainage, the fruit will not flourish as well. 

Tart cherry juice is juiced from sour cherries known as Montmorency cherries. 

There are more than 300 tart cherry varieties, the most common being the Montmorency.

Other varieties include

  • Amarelle

Who sells tart cherry juice?

If you go to your local grocery store, in the juice aisle, you’re likely to find a few brands of tart cherry juice. What you need to make sure to look for is 100% natural juice. And not a tart cherry cocktail or blend with another juice. 

There are also a few other ways to add tart cherry juice to your daily routine. 

I found that powder works well when creating natural energy drinks. The concentrated powder is usually five times as powerful as drinking the juice. If you want a more significant amount, or dose, to help with pain, then the powder is the way to go. 

I would mix the tart cherry powder with another powder, such as beet juice, to add flavor and a little sweetness. Beet juice is great for cardiovascular health, so you’re increasing the health benefits by two. 

I added a picture of juice, powder, and supplement, but you must research online to purchase. It’s not a clickable link. 

The third way is through a supplement. By taking tart cherry as a supplement, you’re receiving the benefits without the sour taste. If you choose supplements over the other two choices, 400 mg is a good guideline. 

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How does tart cherry help with pain?

Tart cherry has scientifically been proven to help with inflammation. It helps with muscle soreness and pain. Studies show that tart cherry juice has been mildly effective at helping sleep. 

The anti-inflammatory compound found in sour cherries is anthocyanins. 

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of pain. When you reduce inflammation, you begin to control pain. 

This happens because anthocyanins, the anti-inflammatory compound, reduce inflammation biomarkers found in chronic pain. 

Because it’s so effective at controlling inflammation response, it’s often used for arthritis and other issues relating to chronic inflammation. 

When you have a headache, try the less liver-damaging natural solution of tart cherry juice. The chemical that gives the tart cherry its vibrant color, anthocyanins, is also a powerful alternative to over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol. It also contains antioxidant protection against free radicals. 

Athletes often use tart cherry juice after high-intensity workouts to help with soreness and recovery. They experience less pain and muscle damage.

Its often used with gout patients because it lowers serum urate and may help improve symptoms in as little as three days. Two to three servings of cherry extract over 24 hours is beneficial to decreasing gout attacks. 

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How long will it take to start working?

Tart cherry will benefit you by reducing inflammation. 

Tart cherry juice is known to have about 17 flavonols, 12 phenolic acids, and 24 anthocyanins.  Which provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body. 

It helps by modulating self-signaling pathways and has direct anti-oxidant effects.

You may see results in as few as three days in concentrated form. It can be used in juice form, powder or supplements, depending on your desired outcome. 

Some concentrations may work as little as one day or overnight.

Reviews on amazon by recent users reported relief from gout within 24 hours. And many reports it helped with their inflammation and even stomach issues.

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Conclusion to this Tart cherry Story.

If you’re leaning towards a more natural lifestyle and are seeking remedies to help alleviate pain and inflammation, tart cherry juice is a solution.

According to studies and recent articles, there is evidence to prove tart cherry juice is a powerful solution to pain. 

Because it’s all-natural, it doesn’t damage the liver or cause side effects that may interfere with your other medications.

Research when purchasing products online or in a retail store near you. Read the reviews from other users and see if the product is of quality and from a trusted source. 

Although tart cherry juice may be a little pricey, it’s worth the massive benefits you will receive. 

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