How to find blog topics

Searching for new topics can be simple. Using techniques that will dramatically yield results will give you blog topics for months. When these methods have worked for multiple bloggers, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. 

Your email box.

You may receive newsletters or emails from lists you have joined and find popular topics by scrolling through your email box with a fresh eye searching for ideas. 

Google email separates your email into primary, social, and promotions. If you look at social, you may see posts from Twitter or other platforms you are a part of and receive notifications via email. Scrolling quickly gives you a general idea about trending topics in your area of interest. Find the most common keywords and create a post that fills a gap in content. 

When emails are spam, which emails from lists usually go into spam, you can find them in promotions. List topics have previously been researched, so there is a good chance you will find some good topic pieces.

Solve a problem.

Usually, the central platform is Facebook. Everyone has at least one social media account. Lots of people put their personal life on Facebook. If you take a few days and look at your feed, at least one person has a problem that needs solving. 

Another clue would be in that person’s comment section. Write a post and solve the issue. Find golden nugget responses that indicate agreement with the problem but no solution. 

This method can be used on all social media platforms. 

There are plenty of groups where people ask questions. Find your niche and join ten groups. Dedicate some time each day to researching what people are asking. Compile a list of their questions in a Google Doc. Create a unique post that addresses a specific query with solutions no one else addressed. You can fill in that gap of information. 

You can also start a keyword list with these questions. Use common words and phrases to help you develop your first headline and be highly targeted. 

Search FAQs and Questions on similar blogs as yours

By doing a quick search on Google, you can find questions people have often asked on other websites that dedicate an entire article to answering them. This method saves you time and helps you build your keyword list.


[blogging] questions

[blogging] facts 

[blogging] faq

You have established a base question when you research and find duplicate questions on different sites. You can come up with specific answers that have yet to be addressed. This will set your post apart from the common core question and give it a new spin. It’s a fresh perspective. 

Using your Market defined keyword should bring enough results to get an idea of a trending topic and an ongoing question or fact that needs addressing. 

When using facts as a topic, find the most relevant fact and create a post with your spin. You create an entirely new view by adding a new idea, thought, or solution to this fact—That’s how you get your pot to stand out from the rest of the posts on the topic. 


There are plenty of forums that have questions consistently being asked. is one of them. A quick search can bring up questions posted within the last hour. Pay attention to the comments. See what other people are suggesting as solutions. Try to come up with a unique take on the question. 

Locating the information to help you understand your ideal reader’s wants is a great way to brainstorm blog posts. It directly solves a problem that people face at the moment. You will build relevant content by filling the information gap with your input. 

How to write a headline

The secret to a good headline is knowing your audience. And specifically targeting that audience. Knowing who you’re writing for makes it easy to find the right keyword to place in the headline.

There are two places where the keyword works best: the headline and the conclusion. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your article within the headline.

Too many keywords may hinder your SEO efforts.


The intro is where you can tell the reader what the article will say. The introduction should be no longer than 200 words or less than 100 words. It should be concise and to the point.

Each sentence in the introduction should have no more than 16 words. If you have more words than 16, the reader will become distracted and lose interest.

It is also recommended to use simple words. Even the most intelligent person will appreciate an article that’s written simply.


Subheadlines organize your information. This helps the reader to understand what you are putting together for them. They also help break up the text on the page to flow better for the reader.

Make sure each subheadline makes sense.

The headlines and subheadlines should follow a flow, so the reader stays engaged.

The headline “Walk your way to a better mood in 30 minutes a day.”
Subheadline “Cardio and brain chemicals: your mood elevation.”


When writing your paragraphs for the headlines, keep them short. The maximum length of a section should be no more than 200 words. The paragraph can be broken up into lists and bullet points. That will give the paragraph more readability. The simpler you state your information, the better the chances of getting the reader to the end.


A conclusion should start precisely and then become generalized. Unlike the introduction, you want to sum up your article clearly. Sometimes people will go straight to the conclusion to see if it meets their needs and then read the post. When you craft your conclusion, hit all the key points right away.

Call to action

If you want your reader to share the content or subscribe to an email list, then be very clear about how they should do that. Give step-by-step instructions to follow. Every content you create should have a clear call to action at the end. The call to action should prompt the reader to perform a task.

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The basic structure of a blog post is the title, introduction, headline, paragraph, subheadline, conclusion, and call to action. Organize your information in a clear and precise format. Place your keywords or keyword phrases in the headline and in conclusion. Write for people and not SEO but do keep SEO in mind.

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How to write a blog post that flows


The opening sentence captures the reader’s attention, so they continue to read the second sentence. Make it clear why the reader should continue reading. The introduction should tell the reader what the blog post will say. 

When writing the introduction, use adjectives

According to the dictionary, an adjective is:

“A word or phrase naming an attribute added to or Grammatically related to a noun to modify or describe it.”

An example of an adjective is:

  • He has a vague writing style. 

The adjective is vague because it describes his writing style.

By using adjectives, it helps the reader understand more clearly. 

Refer to a concern a reader may be having. 

 The reader is seeking information, which is why they are searching for this blog post. By addressing the reader’s concern or problem in the introduction, they will read further and seek answers. 

The introduction should tell the reader what they are about to read. It should be concise and have Market defining keywords in the first sentence. Using adjectives helps the readers understand the blog post clearly—addressing a concern or problem the reader may be having compels them to continue reading for their solution. 


The headline is the post title explaining what the following paragraph will say. It tells the reader what to expect. When crafting the headline, use market-defining keywords specific to the topic. 


“5 complete steps to structure a blog post.”

A powerful headline will help the reader decide if they want to continue reading or find a different blog post targeted to their needs. Being specific in the headline targets the exact reader that will find value in the blog post. 

Create multiple subheadings throughout the blog explaining different topics related to the post. Doing this helps break up the blog text and highlight essential blog sections so the reader can scroll through the blog post and see all the necessary information by headings. The subheadlines should be bold and prominent. 


“5 expert blogging tips”– headline

(200-word paragraph)

“Use spellcheck!”-subheadline

(200-word paragraph)

“Check the grade level of your post”-subheadline

(200- word paragraph)

When creating a headline, use keywords to help with SEO. Make sure the headline is clear, so the reader knows what to expect. Try not to be clever with the headline because the cleverness may confuse the reader about what the blog post is saying. Address a concern or problem in the headline to capture the reader’s attention. The headline should tell the reader what is in the blog post. 

Short paragraphs

Paragraphs organize information for the reader. Keeping the paragraph short, it will draw the reader’s attention. A short section can be anywhere from 50 words to 200 words. When writing more than one paragraph to expand on the headline, a good rule of thumb is to make all the paragraphs the same length, 100-200 words per paragraph, to retain the reader’s attention.

If writing a longer blog post requires 3,000 words, each paragraph should be equal in length. 

Each paragraph should have these qualities: A topic sentence, coherence, and a sense of unity. The section should focus on the main subject of the headline. 

When writing a paragraph, it should organize the information. A section should have no more than 200 words and have coherence. (“systematic or logical connection or consistency.” -Merriam Webster Dictionary) It should be easy to read. Short paragraphs help maintain the reader’s attention. All paraphs should connect through a sense of unity. (“continuity without deviation or change (as in purpose or action)”-Merriam Webster Dictionary)


Adding images to the blog will make the blog more visually appealing. Blogs with photos get more shares on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Images help break up text and create a flow to the post. 

When adding images to the post, they should enhance the text. A photo should be relevant to the topic. 


If the paragraph is about infographics, then the image should represent the topic: infographics.

“4 steps to creating an infographic.”

(add infographic picture)

Images add value to the blog post by increasing traffic. After adding a photo then, it can be used for SEO purposes. Optimizing a picture helps direct any traffic searching for the image provided back to the website. 

To retain the reader’s attention, add images to the blog post. Pictures help to increase the SEO and make the blog more visually appealing. Optimizing the photos with relevant keywords helps drive more traffic to the post. Blogs with photos get more shares on social media, and having more exposure to the post, will increase the overall views the post will get. The more people read the post, the more popular the blog will become. 


The conclusion should summarize the main points of the blog post. It should be clear and connect the previous paragraphs. The conclusion should give the readers something to ponder. 

When crafting the conclusion, do not use the phrase “in conclusion” or “in summary” Do not repeat information you already talked about in your blog post. Writing a conclusion should complete the thought of the post. 

Unlike an introduction that starts general and then becomes specific, a conclusion should be detailed and generalized. The closing sentence should leave the reader with a sense of satisfaction that the content was complete. 

Include a“call to action” statement in your conclusion to help direct the reader to the next step. A call to action could be asking the reader to subscribe to a newsletter, share the content, follow the blog, or any activity to take next. 

The five steps to structuring a blog are:

  • Introduction
  • Headline
  • Paragraph
  • Images
  • Conclusion

Following this structure, the blog will have a nice flow and be easy to read.

What is Skype and How to use the video meeting platform|Generation X

What is Skype?

Skype is a telecommunications best known for videoconferencing and voice calls. It’s a division of Microsoft founded in 2003 by Skype communications. It allows you to send file transfers, make voice phone calls or use the video platform on android phones and windows desktops. 

To utilize skype on your desktop, you must visit their download Skype page, choose which device you would like to download the program and click install. 

Once you download the application, you can set up an account using your Microsoft email and password. Once your account is set up, you can customize your Skype profile with a picture and other information to help users find and know more about you. 

Photo by Julia M Cameron

What value does skype offer?

Skype offers a free service calling service for skype to skype users. For a premium service subscription, Skype allows you to call anywhere in the world, send text messages, or make calls to a landline. The premium services start at $2.99 a month. This service may save money from cell phone carriers charging roaming fees for international calls if you produce multiple business calls worldwide.

Skype allows video meetings to last up to 24 hours which sets this program apart from the newly introduced zoom, which only allows meetings up to 40 minutes.  It allows up to 100 members to join a meeting and is free for this service. It’s compatible with Linux, Windows, Xbox, IOS, mac, and Alexa devices. Zoom is only compatible with Mac, Android, Linux, IOS, and windows. 

Skype protects its users by offering a solid reputation for security. 

Photo by Magda Ehlers

Where does skype rank in video conferencing in 2022?

Software testing help shows Skype ranked #10 in video conferencing in 2022. 

Because Skype was one of the first video conferencing platforms to be introduced in 2003, it is a familiar brand and name that a user would recognize and trust. 

One of the top ten issues I identified in the previous blog post was the platform’s ease of use. 

Skype has several ways to use its platform, including directly from its webpage, installing it, or using it on your mobile device. 

The instructions are easy to follow, so if you are not tech-savvy, you will still be successful with this application with little to no confusion.

Photo by Terje Sollie

Video becomes the IN-PERSON platform of 2022.

Video conferencing is a popular way to interact with other people with a visual acknowledgment that brings a more personal aspect to communication than email or text. Unlike email or text, where emotion can be misunderstood, video can clearly show how a person thinks or feels about the content they digest because visual cues are present. 

In 2022, following the pandemic, when people were working from home with limited contact with their peers, video became the popular solution to in-person meetings. 

While using video to communicate, adapting to personalities and how they communicate is essential to its success. It provides a platform for positive feedback on the group objectives with real-time interactions that give a better understanding of the dynamics the group is experiencing. 

A group’s four primary phases are Forming, storming, norming, and performing. Descriptive group problem-solving is fueled by interaction.

Video platforms provide this interaction with a personal approach to this process, similar to in-person contact.

And while groups meet through video, they can establish the ten most essential elements of communication in the same way they would in person. 

How to get started blogging and establish your brand.

Deciding to start a blog can be nerve-racking. Many questions go through your mind, and some can be pretty alarming and trigger fear. A solid plan is essential to its success. This blog post gives you a general idea of how to create a campaign.

What will your brand look like to the consumer?

When you think about what vision you want your consumer to view your brand as, what does it look like from their point of view? Clearly defining your vision will help your consumer understand what you are offering. 

Try to picture your brand in a way you would view a famous brand you enjoy. 

For example, Nike. (everyone is familiar with this brand)

What message did that brand send you that convinced you to choose them over other brands? 

What colors did they use that caught your eye? 

How did they layout their website that made you trust them, and what words did they use that said to you, “I can relate to that?’

Find brands you like online and look at all their campaigns. What stood out to you, and what didn’t?

Open a docs file and start a page with ideas that will help you organize information in a cohesive way that consumers understand and trust. Collecting examples of brands you enjoy sparks creativity when defining a vision for your brand. 

A brand vision, clearly defined, will help your consumer understand what you are offering.

Photo by Andrew Neel

Who is your ideal reader? Who is going to read your content?

Once you have your brand vision defined, for the most part, the next step is to identify who your audience is. 

Where does this person hang out online? Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, or is it something else? 

There are many platforms for people to communicate, but only some use all of them. 

Knowing who the ideal reader is and directly targeting them on the right platform will increase the likelihood of connecting your product or service to the right people. 

At first, it may seem like everyone is the right audience, but in reality, you have a market specifically for your offer that not everyone will desire. 

According to ContentGrip,

Boomers and gen Xers are found mainly on Facebook.

Millennials tend to use Instagram and snap chat.

Generation Z is likely to be found on TikTok. 

Knowing your audience will help you better set up your campaign for success.

An excellent example of a highly niche-based audience is; 

1. Writing articles for Health and wellness specifically targeted to Generation X.

2. To be more specific: women of generation X

3. An even deeper dive would be blue-collar women of generation x

I think you get the point.

Once you define your audience, you can become an expert on the social platform they use the most. 

Photo by Alex Green

Decide what your brand values are.

What does your company stand for? Is it honesty? Could it be trust? It may be authenticity.

Establishing a clear brand value will help your audience identify with you and relate to your core values. 

For your audience to relate to your brand, they must attach an emotion similar to what you stand for. When your audience trusts you, they will become a loyal reader. 

The branding journal gives excellent examples of brand values.

Create a content calendar

Whether you are blogging full-time or part-time, establishing a content calendar will help you stay on track and consistent with your posts.

To gather ideas on topics, check out this post.

If you’re starting on a low budget to no budget, google calendar works fine. You can write your topics in the calendar you want to schedule and post for the week or month. 

You can set reminders to post consistently. 

Accessing the calendar is easy because it’s available on your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever source you need to quickly see what needs to be finished or posted. 

If your posting to Facebook and Instagram, meta business suite allows you to schedule posts in advance.

What is CBD and how it benefits your health.

What is CBD

Cannabidiol is a chemical found in the hemp plant. It is called CBD, for short. The CBD compound acts with the endocannabinoid system within our body. The endocannabinoid system ranges from the brain to the gut. There are over 60 chemical compounds found in the hemp plant, but CBD works directly within our bodies with positive benefits. 

A common way to extract CBD from the plant is hot water extraction. It is a green solution for the process and is friendly to the environment and human consumption. The hot water extraction method also yields a pure product. 

Other methods to extract CBD are CO2, alcohol, and an oil such as coconut or olive oil. 

Cbd is a compound extracted from the hemp plant to help with seizures, anxiety, mental focus, and gut health. We already have a system in our body called the endocannabinoid system located throughout the brain and gut that directly responds to CBD. 

How the CBD compound works within the brain and body.

Cbd interacts with the neurotransmitters that are associated with serotonin. By interacting with these transmitters, the body creates a sense of calm and relaxation. Cbd helps regulate mood because of these direct interactions.

Serotonin receptors play a role in pain and inflammation throughout the body. CBD studies show that, unlike THC, which binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, CBD is associated with serotonin and helps to reduce inflammation and ease pain. 

When inflammation is under control, the brain begins firing its neurons and can function fully. Inflammation causes brain fog and the inability to concentrate, which is why CBD is a solution to mental focus and clarity. 

CBD interacts with serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, pain perception, and inflammation. Inflammation may cause brain fog, fibromyalgia, pain, and other related issues. CBD helps regulate homeostasis to decrease inflammation, elevate mood, control pain, and clear brain fog. 

Because CBD is non-intoxicating, it can be used regularly without the side effects that may slow a person down. Because it has a positive interaction with serotonin, it may stop cravings from addiction. CBD does not contain any chemical compound that would interfere with a drug test, so it is safe to use without worrying about a job or drug tests.

Where are the receptors within the body

CB1 receptors are primarily found in the central nervous system, and the CB2 receptors are in the peripheral nervous system and immune cells. The compound most associated with relief in these receptors is THC. CBD, however, responds to serotonin which is a neurotransmitter.

CBD does not boost serotonin, but it is known to interact with the serotonin in the body to help increase its anti-anxiety effects. 

Tryptophan is the natural body chemical that stimulates sleep. Tryptophan also helps to convert serotonin which is a neurotransmitter for mood. Studies also show that CBD interacts with tryptophan.

CBD also binds with the GABAa receptor, a major inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system. How CBD responds is to calm the central nervous system from anxiety. It also helps with addiction tendencies, seizures, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal. 

GABAa is responsible for fear, anxiety, and convulsions. CBD interacts with the receptors to create a sense of calm. 

Why does CBD stabilize homeostasis to ease anxiety and reduce body aches and pains?

CBD helps to stabilize homeostasis because it reduces inflammation within the body. The homeostasis system is our natural regulatory system that says either ‘YOU are DOING GREAT or INFLAMMATION IS COMING AND YOU NEED TO ACT FAST.” 

When our body is out of whack, we begin to feel the effects of body aches and pain, inflammation in the joints, and brain fog that can eventually lead to anxiety and depression. When the body is not entirely homeostatic, the long-term effects will wear on us over time. 

Since CBD reacts well with serotonin, a neurotransmitter, it aids the body’s ability to get in alignment faster and keep it functioning for longer. 

It also interacts with dopamine and opinion receptors. Dopamine is associated with emotions, the reward center of the brain, and movement. Opioid receptors are our natural receptors to help control stress and keep it calm within our bodies. It acts with the GABA receptor. 

CBD interacts with all these essential functions that control mood, inflammation, pain, anxiety response, etc. 


CBD is not a new product to the market. Over the years, it has been studied to confirm or deny its benefits. Because CBD works with neurotransmitters in the body, it is an excellent solution to reduce anxiety and inflammation, clear brain fog, and bring the body back to a healthy homeostasis.

CBD’s three main benefits are that it positively interacts with serotonin, which helps regulate mood, reduces inflammation, and gives the body an overall calming effect. It also interacts with tryptophan which is our body’s natural sleep neurotransmitter. Interacting with tryptophan and serotonin simultaneously helps regulate sleep and ease anxiety in the brain. The Gaba transmitter is also associated with anxiety, fear, and convulsions. CBD interacts with this neurotransmitter bringing a sense of overall calm to the body.

Look for the following three blogs to drop this week about serotonin, tryptophan, and the Gaba neurotransmitters and how CBD may help with anxiety, brain fog, rheumatoid arthritis, and overall health and wellness.

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5 natural pain relievers| Generation X

When it comes to health, nature has you covered. In this blog, you will discover five natural pain relievers you wouldn’t have thought would work. But they do. There is a science to back up their claims.

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative


This spicy compound belongs to the hot pepper family. 

Cayenne pepper is a famous pepper known for its level of capsaicin.  It can be chopped up fresh or dried and added to your food for flavor. 

Did you know capsaicin (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide) can also help reduce pain?(wikipedia)

Capsaicin reduces muscle aches and pain associated with arthritis when applied as a cream. 

It also helps keep you cool in the summer by thinning your blood, increasing your circulation, and lowering your blood pressure. 

Cayenne pepper is also known to help reduce ulcers.

This spice packs a pretty healthy punch 👊

Photo by Michael Burrows

Tart Cherry Juice

Unlike cherry juice, which you may be familiar with for sweetness, tart cherry juice is less sweet but has significant health benefits.

Natural tart cherry juice from concentrate will help reduce inflammation within the body and relief mild arthritis pain. 

The four compounds (cyanidin, kaempferol, quercetin and melatonin) are the naturally occurring elements that make this juice a powerful remedy for pain. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, 45 cherries per day will help reduce inflammation and decrease symptoms of muscle damage. 

45 Cherries equals approximately one cup of juice, but that’s not a scientific measurement. You’ll have to read the serving size on the label.

For more detailed information, visit this article How to use tart cherry juice to reduce inflammation and pain.

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative

Bromelain AKA pineapple juice.

Who would have thought a delicious pineapple could be so beneficial in reducing pain? 

Athletes have known this enzyme helps with muscle recovery for years. It’s usually taken after a vigorous workout to reduce swelling and pain caused by physical injuries.

Some studies have shown that Bromelain helps reduce pain in people who have rheumatoid arthritis. (Mount Sinai)

Although a pineapple doesn’t have a high enough concentration to be considered a solution, you can purchase the extracted enzyme from your local health food store. This is how you will benefit from bromelain as a natural way to reduce swelling and pain. 

It acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It’s extracted from the stem and the fruit of the plant.

Photo by Engin Akyurt


This odd-looking root not only flavors your tea but helps the body reduce pain. 

It’s often used in juicing blends because it helps to calm the stomach. 

The health benefits of ginger are due to its phytochemistry. 

It has antioxidative properties, which help with anti-aging within the body.

Ginger helps with muscle pain during mild-intensity workouts. 

The best method for utilizing the properties of this root is by using it fresh or juicing it fresh. (National library of medicine)

Zingiber officinale is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. It’s been used for 5000 years as a tonic.

CBD Oil 1000 MG

Cbd is not a new product to the market. It’s used in many trendy health drinks to quiet the mind and increase focus. 

Most mainstream CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is non-psychoactive. 

Unlike THC, which attaches to the receptors in the brain and gut, CBD mainly interacts with serotonin, Gaba receptors, and dopamine. 

This is why it’s an excellent solution for pain. 

When CBD interacts with serotonin, it helps to reduce inflammation within the body, relieving pain and clearing brain fog. 

Once inflammation begins to subside, the body returns to a healthy homeostasis.

This is why CBD also helps enhance mood and stabilize anxiety.

When applied topically, it will reduce muscle pain and joint pain. 

(National Library of Medicine)

How to use tart cherry juice to relieve pain and inflammation.|Generation X

What can I say about tart cherry juice, except it’s delicious, a little expensive, but worth it because the benefits are substantial. In the article “5 natural pain relievers”, Tart cherry juice was at the top of the list. It provides the body with an anti-inflammatory response to help reduce muscle and joint pain and eliminate headaches. All these benefits are natural and won’t destroy your liver. In this blog, I will take a deeper look at tart cherry juice and why you should try it to help relieve pain.

What is a Tart cherry?

Tart Cherry, also known as sour cherry or dwarf cherry, is species of Prunus native to Europe and southwest Asia. The sweet cherry is closely related to the tart cherry, but the tart cherry is more acidic. The sour pulp of tart cherry is edible. 

Birds love tart cherries. A lot of crop loss is due to birds, not pests and disease. Which makes the tart cherry less susceptible to nature than sweet cherries. 

In the summer, the fruit is protected by nets and is cut rather than pulled from the roots. They prefer well-drained and moist soil. The soil must be rich in nitrogen. If the trees become water logged or have poor drainage, the fruit will not flourish as well. 

Tart cherry juice is juiced from sour cherries known as Montmorency cherries. 

There are more than 300 tart cherry varieties, the most common being the Montmorency.

Other varieties include

  • Amarelle

Who sells tart cherry juice?

If you go to your local grocery store, in the juice aisle, you’re likely to find a few brands of tart cherry juice. What you need to make sure to look for is 100% natural juice. And not a tart cherry cocktail or blend with another juice. 

There are also a few other ways to add tart cherry juice to your daily routine. 

I found that powder works well when creating natural energy drinks. The concentrated powder is usually five times as powerful as drinking the juice. If you want a more significant amount, or dose, to help with pain, then the powder is the way to go. 

I would mix the tart cherry powder with another powder, such as beet juice, to add flavor and a little sweetness. Beet juice is great for cardiovascular health, so you’re increasing the health benefits by two. 

I added a picture of juice, powder, and supplement, but you must research online to purchase. It’s not a clickable link. 

The third way is through a supplement. By taking tart cherry as a supplement, you’re receiving the benefits without the sour taste. If you choose supplements over the other two choices, 400 mg is a good guideline. 

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon

How does tart cherry help with pain?

Tart cherry has scientifically been proven to help with inflammation. It helps with muscle soreness and pain. Studies show that tart cherry juice has been mildly effective at helping sleep. 

The anti-inflammatory compound found in sour cherries is anthocyanins. 

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of pain. When you reduce inflammation, you begin to control pain. 

This happens because anthocyanins, the anti-inflammatory compound, reduce inflammation biomarkers found in chronic pain. 

Because it’s so effective at controlling inflammation response, it’s often used for arthritis and other issues relating to chronic inflammation. 

When you have a headache, try the less liver-damaging natural solution of tart cherry juice. The chemical that gives the tart cherry its vibrant color, anthocyanins, is also a powerful alternative to over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol. It also contains antioxidant protection against free radicals. 

Athletes often use tart cherry juice after high-intensity workouts to help with soreness and recovery. They experience less pain and muscle damage.

Its often used with gout patients because it lowers serum urate and may help improve symptoms in as little as three days. Two to three servings of cherry extract over 24 hours is beneficial to decreasing gout attacks. 

Photo by Pixabay

How long will it take to start working?

Tart cherry will benefit you by reducing inflammation. 

Tart cherry juice is known to have about 17 flavonols, 12 phenolic acids, and 24 anthocyanins.  Which provides a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body. 

It helps by modulating self-signaling pathways and has direct anti-oxidant effects.

You may see results in as few as three days in concentrated form. It can be used in juice form, powder or supplements, depending on your desired outcome. 

Some concentrations may work as little as one day or overnight.

Reviews on amazon by recent users reported relief from gout within 24 hours. And many reports it helped with their inflammation and even stomach issues.

Photo by Wendy van Zyl

Conclusion to this Tart cherry Story.

If you’re leaning towards a more natural lifestyle and are seeking remedies to help alleviate pain and inflammation, tart cherry juice is a solution.

According to studies and recent articles, there is evidence to prove tart cherry juice is a powerful solution to pain. 

Because it’s all-natural, it doesn’t damage the liver or cause side effects that may interfere with your other medications.

Research when purchasing products online or in a retail store near you. Read the reviews from other users and see if the product is of quality and from a trusted source. 

Although tart cherry juice may be a little pricey, it’s worth the massive benefits you will receive. 

For more natural pain relievers, visit this article.